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Something You Can Do

from by G8

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The dream is over, just when you thought that you were holdin' the last move to play and a smile creasin' open
Your sure thing hit like a first sting
Lookin' lost like culture in suburban third rings
The truth was outta tune and it wudn't worth to sing
When everybody's sayin' word, but they haven't heard a thing
My friend, the game was born to serve kings
And I play it cool like a quarterback sittin' third string

Wit' an iced stirred drink
You blew the plan celebratin' early
Now I gotta pull strings with the verb and word sling
Enough to make a cold woman turn spring
The dream is done, the evening's up
You should probably kill what you got left in your free cup
It's over now. Now is where it's endin'.
The bottom of the bottle's existence
Where nobody wants to be, and often wants to leave
But only get as far as almost
Settlin' for better off dead, waitin' 'til the end
Passin' the time dreamin' in a comatose
Leave with me now or stay here
Fade into the background sittin' in a chair
I wait until you first move, if it's somethin' you can do
And take the long walk back home
Known it always, but only sometimes
Two regrets for one crime
We pay dearly for dodgin' sunshine
But get to go out like the first bullet in a gunfight
W-well well, dust off the shelf
I played a close watch, low key and loose belt
It's the end, a place we didn't wanna get near
But now we're there like smoke up against thin air

Last I was here by choice. Took a taxi as far as it could get me
Then made the long walk like Moretti
It's not pretty, the end looks like the beginning
Same bar, different round, one less record spinnin'
Three drinks deeper into almost forgettin'
And the bass turned up until the needle starts skippin'
Live long enough in the dark and it'll be clear
Enough to ask the question, how did it get to...


Through the entrance I entered and kept it simple
No questions or gestures, I kept my momentum
Lead with the right shoulder, my hips turned sideways,
Maneuverin' and cuttin' through the crowd like a knife blade
This is the finish, I didn't want to visit
But had to to ask "is this how you wanna end it?"
Sittin' down, no smile to spare
Leave with me now or stay here

And die alone
Die alone
Dreamin' in a comatose
Dreamin' in a comatose
Leave with me
Leave with me
If it's somethin' you can do
Somethin' you can do
And not somethin' to prove

I can stand until this crowd is passed out
On the floor. Don't doubt I'll wait until it's awkward.
My stance is advanced enough to last and fight
Your spiteful silent war with no words
Don't doubt a cowboy with new boots and old spurs
I walk a fast pace with the same slow burn
You're starin' at the bar top, shiftin' in your stool
Glancin' at the clock on the wall every minute or two

Fade into the background, part of the party
Losin' your color, notes fallin' off the harmony
Hardly a spark, partially dark
Seems off beat over broken guitar strings
Stay here and die alone
And drown in a crowd of people that you'll never know
Or leave with me now and die slow
Painless past the point of almost
Stay here, die alone
And dream in a crowd of people that don't
Or leave with me now back home


from Run With It, released October 26, 2006
Guitar - Danny Kantar
Vocals - Toussaint Morrison
Bass - Mark Drehmann
Trumpet - Adam Rossmiller
Drums - Owen Weaver
Trombone - Scott Agster



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G8 Minneapolis, Minnesota

An assembly of jazz elites and a national slam poet vocalist, G8 slated their name after the Group of 8 conference where the 8 richest countries gather together under a guise of unity, but more so to impose wealth as a determinate in changing the world. Here, the band G8 holds the mantra to change the world with music. Now defunct, the group left behind one piece of recorded legacy. ... more

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