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Over The Desk

from by G8

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Addressed with finesse when I stepped in the class
The TA marked me late, I said surely you jest
She responded “no, not at all” and smiled
I hit her with a grin and said I dig your style

Headed to a desk with my pencil and text
Spent the lecture writin’ on my hand and my wrist
Steared at her hard when I ran outta skin
Class dismissed, now baby let me begin
I stepped right to the left and approached like smoke
Balanced on two pumas, cooler than cool- see I was ice cold
Strollin’ down my row she let her eyes roll
When I stopped her train a thought like a typo
Excuse me, I know I’m undergrad
And ya mark me late whenver I get to class
But I’d like to kill the beef and bury the axe
And take ya out after the final exam
Say yes (yes)
It ain’t complex, it’s simple like common sense
So, say word (word)
Because the amount of ya style is more felt than heard
So, say yes (yes)
I got nothin’ to lose, so I make that move
Whether or not approved, I’m gonna state that truth
Of nothin’ on my conscious but to kick it with you
Paused in the moment, ridin’ on its spurs
Waitin’ for reply, waitin’ for a return
She packed her bags and paid me no concern
Until she hit me wit’ a grin sayin’ “After the semester
Ya got a chance maaaaaybe
Get ya time right if ya date me
Can’t trick a girl named Tracy”
Hun, ya got me- let me do it again
I ain’t caught up in the manhood of masculinity
I know I rock mics, but not for self-esteem
I’d get my time right, but this class is chemistry
I’m in it pass-fail, so don’t gimme no heat
Anything else, I would arrive to it early
Determined to take in the sunset’s eye that stirs me
I’ll take that chance and the wait just to find out if I’m worthy
And if your thoughts concern me
So many live in yesterday and focus on tomorrow
Express the height of happiness, but hold the deepest sorrow
Consumed in bravado with the shallow and the hollow
With no knowledge of the leader, but they continue to follow
My hunger used to be a glutton for McDonald’s
And gratification because the truth was hard to swallow
Staccato, the tempo couldn’t wallow
Until I eased up- eased up on the throttle
Lock tight, got my flow fresher than a bottled avocado
Spittin’ it with more juice than a souped Toronado
Or a deuce deuce hollow, this blues ensemble
Is eminent and almost as beautiful as Mayano
Possible and probable? No
My word is solid as the thickest of the stones
This crowd is vast and even more fast
And to find a way out I’m gonna need your hand


from Run With It, released October 26, 2006
Guitar - Danny Kantar
Vocals - Toussaint Morrison
Bass - Mark Drehmann
Trumpet - Adam Rossmiller
Drums - Owen Weaver
Trombone - Scott Agster



all rights reserved


G8 Minneapolis, Minnesota

An assembly of jazz elites and a national slam poet vocalist, G8 slated their name after the Group of 8 conference where the 8 richest countries gather together under a guise of unity, but more so to impose wealth as a determinate in changing the world. Here, the band G8 holds the mantra to change the world with music. Now defunct, the group left behind one piece of recorded legacy. ... more

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