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From The Basement

from by G8

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There ain’t no hold
Or obstacle that could make our quest stop or fold
Now I ain’t tryin’ to boast or tell ya what’s garbage or gold

I just got questions at most
We get so low
It’s past below and can’t be touched by the status quo
Now don’t feel outcasted or asked to go
Let’s talk about it while we walk or roll
C’mon, it’s G8- the kids that think and bleed gray
With wanderin’ eyes that never ever see straight
Always conscious, analyzin’ their environment
Never have so many misrepresentations been inspirin’
The sound out loud is fire within
It can’t be explained like tryin’ to describe the wind
We like to think of ourselves as cool guys and gents
That go together like private-school ties and tims
Kind of a clash if ya ask Brad, Mike, or Chris
But, held together when I rhyme like this
Wrote it down watchin’ people dien’ to win
Spoke it out watchin’ people survivin’ to live
We’re throwin’ out the kitchen sink plus the dishes
Replacin’ the fridge and renovatin’ the kitchen
Got a new style, same sound, same message
And lettin’ that chill while I hit the cold coffee
The hip-hop, the crème de la crème
The underground of the undergroun, the us and them
Lost sight of the cause, now we fight amongst ourselves
And if somebody points it out, we raise hell
Became afraid’a change soon as we gave it a name
Focused on differences instead’a how were the same
My brown skin pronounces half a round trip
Born with an identity that I haven’t found yet
While the eight richest countries connect now and then
To discuss the rate at which the globe will spin
Occupyin’ the third world, the ghetto urban
Colonized the prize, but didn’t get the job done
I’m lurchin’ through the basement of house party antics
Kegstandin’, fashion, and dirty dancin’
Eight sub-heroes speakin’ through the speakers
Blastin’ even after the cops try and crash it
Call the coroner and tell’em keep the coffin

Might think it’s common to sleep that often
But good rest depends on the streets ya walkin’
Not much shut-eye the way your fleet keeps talkin’
Seekin’ profit, plans to flee the projects
Speakin’ nonsense, matchin’ needs for wants, kid
Not synonymous, but hey- feed your wants, kid
We’re gonna sit here and watch you lose
Every bit’a sanity tryin’ to keep your cool
I still make my bed on a broken rule list
I’m a bad example to tell ya what to do, kid
Nonetheless I seen smart run foolish
From feds to Franklin, rich kids gone stupid
Policemen fumin’, poor people confused
You might wind up havin’ to speak thru
A microphone with seven kids from the school of music
Rockin’ basements, keepin’ it movin’


from Run With It, released October 26, 2006
Guitar - Danny Kantar
Vocals - Toussaint Morrison
Bass - Mark Drehmann
Trumpet - Adam Rossmiller
Drums - Owen Weaver
Trombone - Scott Agster



all rights reserved


G8 Minneapolis, Minnesota

An assembly of jazz elites and a national slam poet vocalist, G8 slated their name after the Group of 8 conference where the 8 richest countries gather together under a guise of unity, but more so to impose wealth as a determinate in changing the world. Here, the band G8 holds the mantra to change the world with music. Now defunct, the group left behind one piece of recorded legacy. ... more

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