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from by G8

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The coldest emcees know this
And keep their distance like ragin' homophobics
Rhymin' mindless babble and chatter like a spokesman
All freestyles and threats, but no notebook
These cats talk with the same likeness
As kids who hate on a style then turn around and bite it
Tryin' to tell me that my walk is misguided
And the battle that I'm battlin' isn't worth it to fight

Nowadays you're either in or out, up or down
Black or white, there ain't no in between

I been called a lost-cause-waste-of-good fire
Not worth tryin', openin', or headlinin'
So, I drop silence on top of whinin' while I'm rhymin'
Hit the track and start a riot. Shit talk, I wouldn't try it.
I slap titans, crap lightin', and flatten tires
Chew broken glass and spit it back in your iris
Spin the darkest charcoal into diamond
And still keep it black, like the Starr, Brooklyn's finest

Rollin' off my lips like a goodbye kiss
In the midst of your roses and bullets, I'm dodgin' both
Headed to the nearest open mic with my mouth closed
I like to keep an observant ear to the loud prose
Different viewpoints and opinions speakin' out those
Minds ya use half the time when ya shout poems
But every now and then I get doubtful

Down and out 'cos they do it for the clout, so
Predictable when your ego's hangin' out- uh
Zip- zip it up, I make the cut
Like your dad's Norelco when he hits a bump
Don't front, just take it back to the outro
Do-se-do to the beginnin' keep it down low
Observe the eminent ones rockin' it out cold
Shake ya foundation, front lawn, and your household


from Run With It, released October 26, 2006
Guitar - Danny Kantar
Vocals - Toussaint Morrison
Bass - Mark Drehmann
Trumpet - Adam Rossmiller
Drums - Owen Weaver
Trombone - Scott Agster



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G8 Minneapolis, Minnesota

An assembly of jazz elites and a national slam poet vocalist, G8 slated their name after the Group of 8 conference where the 8 richest countries gather together under a guise of unity, but more so to impose wealth as a determinate in changing the world. Here, the band G8 holds the mantra to change the world with music. Now defunct, the group left behind one piece of recorded legacy. ... more

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